Modern Patio and Gutter Cleaning Methods by Concept Roof Cleaning – Milton Keynes

As a homeowner, it is crucial to clean every part of your home, both interior and exterior. Throughout the annual seasons, dirt such as dust, leaves and tree logs will collect on your roof. During a downpour, the dirt is washed into your gutters. With time, the gutters get clogged affecting the roof drainage forcing water with dirt to cascade down the side of your house into the patio. Just like the roof, the patio should be cleaned to maintain its aesthetic value. Dumpiness on the patio will favor bacteria which will cause growth of algae and moss. Algae is very slippery and may cause accidents.

Modern Patio Cleaning

Patio cleaning should be added in your to-do list. A well maintained patio is welcoming and soothing. Although they need less maintenance as compared to lawns, Patios are an epicenter of the garden and last longer. For a thoroughly cleaned patio, you can hire a professional cleaning company such as Concept Roof Cleaning to professionally clean your patio. The following are the cleaning methods we use to clean patios;

  1. High Pressure Washing

We use a high pressure washing machine and water to get dirt and debris off your patio. Weeds, dried cement and loose sand chippings will stand no chance from the pressure of the water.

  1. Use of Patio Cleaning Fluids

We use the best and most effective patio cleaning fluids in the market to tackle oily and greasy patio surfaces. These cleaning fluids are eco-friendly so no need to panic about their safety.

After cleaning your patio, we apply a sealer to protect your patio against stains and future dirt.

Gutter Cleaning Methods

Regularly cleaning your gutter will save you water damage that results from clogged gutters. Problems such as mildew, peeling paint, and rotting wood can result from clogged gutters. At Concept Roof Cleaning we understand how important it is to have your gutters cleaned. We use the following methods to clean your gutter:

  • Leaf Blower

This method involves the use of a leaf blower to blow off the leaves from the gutter. It is more effective and faster than hand cleaning.

  • Power Washer

This machine uses a stream of water that is highly powered to remove any debris stuck in the gutters. This method is effective when the leaves are sticky and wet.

  • Wet/Dry Vacuum

With this method, no litter will fall into the ground as we use a vacuum to get rid of all the debris stuck in the gutters.

Why You Should Hire Concept Roof Cleaning

Using DIY methods to clean your patio and gutters may not be as effective as it would be with professional cleaners. We at Concept Roof Cleaning have all the necessary equipment that will enable quick turn around and quality results. Our staff are fully trained and possess excellent skills and a great deal of experience. Are you in Milton Keynes and require professional patio, gutter and roof cleaning services? Feel free to contact Concept Roof Cleaning to get the job done.

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